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Re: Bug#319849: Security fix in just released 1.3.0rc2?

OoO En cette  matinée pluvieuse du lundi 25  juillet 2005, vers 10:42,
"Francesco P. Lovergine" <frankie@debian.org> disait:

> I pointed both bugs at the very start of july (or end of june?) 
> to both stable and testing secteams and sent at least 3 mails about the topic
> with patches and analysis for sarge, sid and woody. 
> When secteam will judge it useful, they'll do that. 
> Last time, I did wait months for that, for yardradius package. 
> If you know something useful to accellerate the process, i'd like to
> know...

Shouldn't this bug  be tagged security ? Moreover,  since it is marked
as closed in the BTS, will it be tracked correctly in the future ?
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