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RFS : libguichan : Fully customizable and extensible Widgets for SDL, Allegro, and OpenGL. (2)

Hi all,

I am willing to become the debian maintainer of the guichan 
library set.


What is Guichan?
Guichan is a small, efficient C++ GUI library designed for games. 
It comes with a standard set of widgets and can use several different objects 
for displaying graphics and grabbing user input.

So what are these objects you are talking about?
Guichan has a very abstract design which allows users of Guichan to use 
different objects for displaying of graphics and grabbing of user input. 
Guichan comes with (for now) 3 implemented graphics objects 
(SDLGraphics, OpenGLGraphics and AllegroGraphics) and 2 implemented input 
objects (SDLInput and AllegroInput),

Guichan is already fully working and several projects already use it. it's 
highely efficient.
(The Mana World, Crown & Cutlass, ...)

See : http://www.themanaworld.org for an explicit example of what can be done 
with libguichan.

As for the debianization, I've made a repository that stores both source and 
packages of it, and also the debian folder. Any comments are very welcome.

See http://bertram.ifrance.com/libguichan for packages and source
You can also use :
deb http://bertram.ifrance.com/libguichan ./
to get packages and source with apt.

If anyone has the kindness and the patience to become my sponsor, I'll be 
truly happy to start the discussion with him, and look for bugs and what 
could be improved with him.

Please let me know where and when we could chat (or by mail, it doesn't 
matter) if you're interested.
My mail, if you don't have already is : Bertram@cegetel.net

Regards, and thanks for reading 'till the end.


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