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Re: packages still setting /usr/doc link

Scripsit Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>

> The following is a list by maintainer of the 497 packages that still
> contain code in their postinst to create links in /usr/doc/.

Some of these packages have been orphaned, but have not yet had their
maintainer fields switched to QA.

> That's been a bug since 2002,

Huh? The closest I can find in policy is a footnote reading:

| At this phase of the transition, we no longer require a symbolic
| link in /usr/doc/. At a later point, policy shall change to make the
| symbolic links a bug.

I agree that it *should* be a bug, but I cannot see that it officially
*has* been one for three years.

> Brian Mays <brian@debian.org>
>    bibtool
>    gnushogi
>    netcdf
>    netcdf-perl
>    xruskb

For example, all of these packages are orphaned by QA, as Brian seems
to be MIA. I'm working on adopting bibtool, and the next upload will
remove the /usr/doc symlink (as the current package is not
debhelperized, and its handcrafted prerm script helpfully leaves the
symlink untouched when $1=upgrade :-/).  Some of the others are still
in O state rather than ITA.

Henning Makholm            "We can hope that this serious deficiency will be
                      remedied in the final version of BibTeX, 1.0, which is
            expected to appear when the LaTeX 3.0 development is completed."

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