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Re: RFC: allow new upstream into stable when it's the only way tofixsecurity issues.

Joe Smith dijo [Tue, Aug 02, 2005 at 05:19:02PM -0400]:
> How about if it meets the folowing critieria:
> 1. it has been in testing for 10 days (been in sid at least 20 days)
> 2. the version is sid is the same as in testing (the maintainer has not 
> found problems in the ten days since it entered testing)
> (...)

Sorry, not enforceable - A package migrates through unstable/testing
only for a regular cycle. As time passes, testing grows more and more
incompatible with stable (i.e., did you notice we are still in the
middle of a C++ migration which horribly breaks the world and the
surrounding regions?)

Any new upstream verison needs to be compiled specifically for stable,
and pushed through proposed-updates or something similar.


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