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Bug#322762: /usr/doc still exists (transition tracking bug)

Package: general
Severity: normal

In 1999, Debian began moving /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc to comply with
the FHS. Due to unfortunate dpkg issues at the time, we couldn't simply
move the directory and be done with it, but decided to move things
peicemeil by updating all packages. Due to some silly concerns about
users having to look in two places during the transition, we decided to
start by making /usr/doc/<package> -> /usr/share/doc/<package> symlinks.

In 2001, putting any documentation in /usr/doc became a serious policy
violation. The symlinks were still allowed.

In 2002, we completed the first stage of the transition, released woody
with complete /usr/share/doc and /usr/doc directories, and policy was
changed to not require the /usr/doc symlinks. debhelper was changed to
stop adding postinst and postrm fragments to manage the links, and so
most packages only needed a recompile to finish the transition.

We are now in the final, worst stages of this transition, when the few
remaining links in /usr/doc are due to packages that either use
debhelper and are so unmaintained they've not been updated since 2002,
or do not use debhelper and have not been modified to remove the code,
or worst, have been modified to remove the code, but botched it.

Policy is expected to be changed soon to make any files in /usr/doc a
serious bug. For now it is a normal bug.

A typical Debian unstable system today will have a dozen or two of these
symlinks left. This tracking bug is here because that is ugly and we
should completely finish the transition.

Set any bugs about /usr/doc stuff to being blockers of this bug report.
Use this as a tracking/coordination bug for the remainder of the transition.

Note that once this transition is complete we will need to do something
in base-files to remove the /usr/doc directory, if it is empty. It won't
be empty in all cases, for example a user might have non-debian or old
packages that have not transitioned still installed. This bug can be
reassigned to base-files to deal with that last step once it is no
longer blocked by any other bugs.

see shy jo

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