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RE: Bug#322534: ITP: mpfi -- multiple precision floating-point in terval computation

> * Package name    : mpfi
>   Version         : 1.3.3
>   Upstream Authors: Nathalie Revol, Fabrice Rouillier (email ommited)
> * URL             :
> http://perso.ens-lyon.fr/nathalie.revol/software.html
> * License         : LGPL 2.1 or later
>   Description     : multiple precision floating-point interval
>   computation
>  The basic principle of interval arithmetic consists in enclosing
>  every number by an interval containing it and being representable
>  by machine numbers: for instance it can be stored as its lower
>  and upper endpoints and these bounds are machine numbers, or as a
>  centre and a radius which are machine numbers.
>  .
>  The arithmetic operations are extended for interval operands in
>  such a way that the exact result of the operation belongs to the
>  computed interval.
>  .
>  The purpose of an arbitrary precision interval arithmetic is on
>  the one hand to get guaranteed results, thanks to interval
>  computation, and on the other hand to obtain accurate results,
>  thanks to multiple precision arithmetic. The MPFI library is
>  built upon MPFR in order to benefit from the correct roundings
>  provided by MPFR. Further advantages of using MPFR are its
>  portability and compliance with the IEEE 754 standard for
>  floating-point arithmetic. 
Yeah, but what does it *DO*? If it is a library, it oughta be called
libmpfi ... and it should be stated. If it is an utility program,
the "what is arbitrary precision foo" is secondary WRT what the
program actually does.

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