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Re: NMUs wanted: C++ library packages in need of uploading

Scripsit "Marcelo E. Magallon" <mmagallo@debian.org>

>  If someone knows of a way to get graphviz to produce something
>  _readable_ please let me know.

I managed to produce a readable (still huge) graph by cheating and
omitting dependencies on qt-x11-free and kdelibs, instead showing
those by the shape and color of the node edges.

Here the quick-and-dirty .dot file filter I used.  It also marks nodes
that ought to be transitionable now with a green fill so they are
easier to spot quickly.


%cheat = ( 'qt-x11-free' => "shape=rect",
           'kdelibs' => "color=red" );

while(<>) {
    if( /^\s*"(.*)" -> "(.*)";\s*$/ ) {
        $notnow{$1} = 1 ;
        $package{$2} = 1 ;
        $_ = "\t\"$1\"[ $cheat{$2} ];\n" if exists $cheat{$2} ;
        print ;
    } elsif( /^\}/ ) {
        for $p ( keys %package ) {
            next if $notnow{$p} ;
            print "\t\"$p\"[ fillcolor=green, style=filled ];\n ";
        # After dropping qt-x11-free and kdelibs dependencies we can
        # set overlap=false without the graph exploding.
        print "\toverlap=false;\n" ;
        # Requesting splines improves readability, but also makes neato
        # REALLY slow. We're talking several minutes for a graph this size.
#        print "\tsplines=true;\n" ;
        print ;
    } else {
        print ;

Henning Makholm                    "They want to be natural, the anti-social
                                 little beasts. They just don't realize that
                         everyone's good depends on everyone's cooperation."

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