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Re: controlling spam via mail interface?

I do not know, wheter it is possibel for Debian, but I am using
fetchmail on my FileServer where I have courier-imap to read the

I have made a mutt-macro and a little BASH script which send the
message back to my FileServer whose rescan the message automaticly
as SPAM.

I think, there is no problem to extract the Message-Id: and send
it back to the list server.  The only problem is, that it works
only for mutt(-ng).


Am 2005-08-04 12:29:57, schrieb Nico Golde:
> Hi,
> there is the possibility to mark mails via the list archive
> web interface as spam. Is there a possibility to do this via
> a mail gateway with the message id?
> regards nico
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