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RE: I need to know how to create and use Driver Update Disks

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From: Rob Taylor [mailto:robtaylor@floopily.org] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 10:13 AM
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Subject: Re: I need to know how to create and use Driver Update Disks

>> The Debian package system does not really like packages (your driver 
>> update) replacing files that belong to another package (the official 
>> Debian kernel-image package). This means the best option would be to
>> the patches included in an update of the 2.6.8 kernel (which is being

>> prepared at the moment).

>If he produces a new kernel module to add support for this hardware,
>there's absolutely no reason why it should conflict with linux-kernel.
>Given that it's not a security fix, would he really have much luck
>getting a patch into stable's kernel?

This is what I anticipate doing. As there is a period of time between
when I submit my patches against the Sarge 2.6.8 kernel and when (or if)
the appear in Sarge; I will need something for customers to use so that
then can still install the present Sarge onto a system that requires 
the drivers.

In one case, the kernel that is used by the installer will need the 
patches; otherwise the installer will not be able to access the hard

Right now, I am doing tests to determine if the 2.6.11 kernel that I
have found in Etch is capable of accessing the ICH7 devices in our
equipment. If it doesn't, then I plan to come up with a patch for
the 2.6.11 kernel in Etch for the kernel group.


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