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Re: Public service announcement about Policy 10.4

>Thomas Hood <jdthood@aglu.demon.nl> wrote:
>> I would appreciate it if someone would create the "potash" shell,
>> consisting of posh modified to implement "test -a", "test -o" and
>> "local".  Debian would probably run on that well enough for it to
>> be used as /bin/sh, and it could become the de facto testbed for
>> 10.4 compliance.
> Is there anything else which dash supports but posh does not?

Good question; I don't know.  I actually thought that dash was more
featureful than I now (reading the man page) see that it is.

dash(1) says:

    Only features designated by POSIX, plus a few Berkeley
    extensions, are being incorporated into this shell.

Perhaps someone else knows exactly what the "few" extensions are?

Thomas Hood

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