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Re: Can I simulate a weak conflict?


Nicolas Boullis wrote:
> If there's currently no way to set up such things, it might be worth 
> suggesting to add such a feature to next-generation .deb format. Don't 
> you think so?
To be honest, no.
If you do a Recommends: udev (>= ...), most people will just install the
recommended udev and be fine. People who have reason to not like to use
udev will just not.
Most people won't want to make a decision, so it's of no use giving them
the choice. Those who want to choose will read the README.Debian to see
what's going on. For the others: Do venture a single recommondation.

> Oh, and I just thought there could be a workaround. I could make a new 
> no-udev empty package that conflicts with udev, and then write
> "Recommends: no-udev | udev (>= 0.060-1)".
> I guess this would behave as expected, but I think that having one more 
> package only for this would be quite insane!
Let's not.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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