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Re: Help needed: People willing to help co-maintain debian accessibility packages

Hi Mario,

Mario Lang wrote:
> * We should assess what the current situation regarding
>   gnopernicus and Java-based applications or OpenOffice
>   is.  What would need to be done to make gnoperncius
>   support Java apps on Debian out of the box?  Can it be done
>   with the currently available Java tools in Debian or is
>   a (non-free) JDK required?  If so, what would be needed to make
>   gnopernicus/OpenOffice cooperate with the free java tools?

Yesterday, I commented out the patch which disabled the Java
Accessibility bridge in the OpenOffice.org 1.9.x builds, so it will be
included in the next uploadn to experimental. Whether it actually will
work I don't know but I would imagine it at least does with
Suns/Blackdowns JDK.
For gcj, well I don't know (and didn't try) yet..

Some people also are working on atk-based Acessilibity for
OpenOffice.org but I don't know the actual state of this.


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