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Re: Bug#319256: ITP: nadoka - IRC Client Server Program

Well, since I just whined about the poor quality of descriptions, I
guess I need to contribute. Since I'm NOT an IRC user, and since I can't
read Japanese and thus "same concept as madoka" is not useful, please
correct any technical mistakes.

On 20-Jul-05, 13:31 (CDT), Taku YASUI <tach@debian.or.jp> wrote: 
>   Description     : IRC Client Server Program

Description: IRC logger, monitor and proxy program ("bot") in Ruby

>  Nadoka is IRC Client Server program. It's same concept as madoka.

Nadoka is a tool for monitoring and logging IRC conversations and
responding to specially formatted requests. You define and customize
these responses in Ruby. Nadoka is conceptually similar to Madoka, an
older proxy written in Perl.

(I'm sure there's an IRC-specific term for "specially formatted
requests", but I can't think of it at present.)

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