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Re: BTS version tracking

Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> writes:
> The 'reopen' command takes an optional submitter argument, so it was
> difficult to get a version in here unambiguously. Instead, we've
> introduced a new 'found' command, which says "I've found the bug in this
> version of the package". You can use this whether the bug is open or
> closed; if the bug's closed and you give a version more recent than the
> last recorded fixed version, the bug will be considered open again.
>   found 1234567 1.3-2

Shouldn't that be, "you give a version more recent than *or equal to*
the last recorded fixed version..."?

What if the maintainer uploads a version, say 1.3-2 (which is still the
most recent version), which supposedly fixes bug 1234567.  However, I
test it and find that it's actually not fixed.  Presumably, I would do:

  found 1234567 1.3-2

However, since 1.3-2 is equal to the current version, the BTS would
erroneously think that the bug is fixed.  That does seem to match


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