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debconf5 - videos of the talks and BOFs available


"the mighty video team", in boring alphabetical order (but you who where there 
know who they are), Andrew McMillan, Chris Halls, Erik Johansson,  Henning 
Sprang, Herman Robak, Holger Levsen, Javier Candeira, John Lightsey,
Kalle Boess, Martin Langhoff, Noel Koethe, Peter de Schrijver, Tore S Bekkedal
is proud to announce the availability of (most of, atm) the videos of the 
officially scheduled talks and BOFs at debconf5.  

Jeroen van Wolffelaar and Tuukka Hastrup were not really part of the team, but 
still deserve special mentioning for their participation... Of course those 
videos would not have been possible without all the others (...) who made 
debconf5 the special event it was - it's not completly over as I type this, 
but almost.

Please note, that not all videos are available _now_. The ones missing will be 
released when they're ready :-) We hope this is soon, but you have take into 
consideration, that some of us worked >16h a day - so we might need some time 
to recover.

Well, 'nuff said for the moment, dudette, the videos are and will be here: 


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