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Re: Dependency problems with Xorg

Harald Dunkel <harald.dunkel@t-online.de> writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> yes
>> welcome to the c++ abi transition
> Maybe this has been suggested before, but...
> Probably more C++ abi changes will follow. To support a
> smooth migration I would like to suggest to create empty
> packages describing the C++ abis.
> A package maintainer could add the C++ abi package to the
> dependency list. When a new C++ abi gets introduced, and
> the first packages with a dependency to the new abi package
> appear, then these packages are automagically put on hold
> till all packages in the whole dependency chain have been
> migrated.
> Surely the package name or the version number are the wrong
> place to describe the C++ abi.
> Just an idea. Regards
> Harri

A single C++-ABI package would just mean that all c++ packages are
kept back (or removed) from the very start of the c++ transition up to
the very end. There will be a lot of packages at the end of the
dependency chains that you don't have installed and that will take
long to fix. Do you realy want to wait for every last one to get

Even worse you couldn't install g++-3.3 and g++-3.4/4.0 in parallel as
the libstdc++s would depend on conflicting C++-ABI packages.

To be save as apt-get user just use "dist-upgrade" as that won't
remove package and selectively use "install <package>" when you think
something is finished with its transition. Aptitude should be
intelligent enought not to remove non-automatic packages to upgrade
automatic ones. But I'm not sure about that.


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