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Lintian test case author needed (zlib linking)

I'd like to encourage someone who has experience writing test cases
for Lintian to create a new one.  It should scan .deb files for ELF
object files which match one of the following Perl regexps:

  /inflate ([0-9][ 0-9a-zA-Z.\-]{1,100}[0-9a-zA-Z.\-])/
  /deflate ([0-9][ 0-9a-zA-Z.\-]{1,100}[0-9a-zA-Z.\-])/

This is less elaborate than the Clamav checks, but it should be good
enough to detect bundled copies of zlib.  Hopefully, this enables us
to eliminate statically linked copies of zlib early in the development

Is anyone interested in writing such a test case, and work with the
Lintian maintainers to integreate it into the package?

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