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first official version of dbconfig-common now in unstable

hello folks,

i'm happy to announce that after somewhere close to 8 months of
development and testing, dbconfig-common is now uploaded to unstable
and ready for widespread use by other packages in debian.

if you've missed out on my previous discussions about what dbconfig-common
can do, here's what's in debian/control:

 dbconfig-common presents a policy and implementation for
 managing various databases used by applications included in
 debian packages.
 dbconfig-common can:
  * support mysql and postgresql based applications
  * create databases and database users
  * access local or remote databases
  * upgrade/modify databases when upstream changes database structure
  * remove databases and database users
  * generate config files in many formats with the database info
  * import configs from packages previously managing databases on their own
  * prompt users with a set of normalized, pre-translated questions
  * handle failures gracefully, with an option to retry.
  * do all the hard work automatically
  * work for package maintainers with little effort on their part
  * work for local admins with little effort on their part
  * comply with an agreed upon set of standards for behaviour
  * do absolutely nothing if it is the whim of the local admin
  * perform all operations from within the standard flow of debian
    package maintenance (no additional skill is required of the local

so if you maintain a package that has to deal with mysql/postgresql
databases and you're tired of having to deal with home-rolled, obfuscated,
complicated, and/or buggy code, i highly suggest you check it out!

i would love to hear back from those who start using in their packages.
please send any questions/comments/complaints/bugs to the dbconfig-common
mailing list: dbconfig-common-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org.



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