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It gives me a great pleasure to send you this business/partnership proposal. I am writing to seek your partnership in a business of mutual benefit. Within the South African Department of Transport where I work as the director of audit and project implementation, we (my colleagues and I) have in our possession an unclaimed payment bills totaling $18,500,000.00 USD. This represent the balance of the total contract over invoiced value executed on behalf of my ministry by a contracting firm who has left South Africa since the completion of their contract work.

We want to transfer abroad with the assistance and co-operation of a foreign company or individual who will receive the said funds on our behalf in a reliable foreign company or non-company's account with as little or zero balance in the account to receive such funds. We have in principles an approval to remit these funds to a foreign bank account. The successful remittance of these funds can be achieved by filing application for transfer of rights and privileges of the said funds and other necessary documents.

I have the authority of my colleagues involved to propose that your consent to this transaction will be kept confidential and your assistance highly compensated by a portion of the $18.5M United States Dollars. We are willing to set aside a portion for taxation purposes if required. Note also that all legal documents will be properly secured and documented. Besides your assistance is needed as the South African Civil Service Code of Conduct prohibit us from operating foreign accounts while still in service 

I can assure you that my partners and I are in a position to make this payment claim fruitful, provided you can give us the assurance and guarantee that our share will be secured. Visualize this business opportunity as an indirect financial resource; also your area of specialization is not a hindrance in the successful execution of this transaction. More details will be made available to you once you accept this partnership proposal. If interested, please contact me immediately on (johnson2za@executivemail.co.za), as you are aware I am still in active government service as such must be treated strictly confidential.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully.

Dr. Johnson Motene.

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