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RFA: etask-el -- Define and manage projects within Emacs with Gantt

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

Etask is a Emacs mode to define and manage projects and todos, it features:

		- Keep track of tasks in multiple projects
		- Manage your todos
		- Organize tasks and todos in subtasks and subtodos
		- Archive tasks and todos
		- Display Gantt bars for all tasks and todos
		- Change the zoom factor of the Gantt chart
		- Classify each project task according to its criticality:
		    * Normal tasks
		    * High risk tasks
		    * Tasks lying on the critical path 
		- Make task and todo notes
		- Set task-specific progress goals: linear, moderate
                  s-shaped, or s-shaped with tougher requirements for
                  the middle phase and therefore more flexibility
                  towards the planned end
		- Multilingual (German and English)
		- Print detailed project status reports
		- Generate LaTeX output for high-quality Gantt charts
It may be totally or in part added or adapted to more complete modes
such as Planner mode

Site =	http://members.chello.at/rene.weichselbaum/etask.el

Author contact

FreeBSD mantainer:	dryice at liu.com.cn

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