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Re: Bug#317430: ITP: apt-history -- logs the changes when installing

On Jul 10, 2005 at 07:01, Goswin von Brederlow praised the llamas by saying:
> David Pashley <david@davidpashley.com> writes:
> > I'm wondering if this wouldn't be better added as a feature to
> > aptitude/synaptic, as people who would use apt-get or dpkg would
> > probably know grep. The people he was targetting are more likely to use
> > one of the package selection tools.
> Why not have it in dpkg and have aptitude or synaptic use it in turn?
> Why limit it to higher level frontends when the backend can do it for
> everything?
The backend does have it. It logs the information. Higher level tools just
need to read the file in and display it. Why add grep functionality to
dpkg when we already have a tool that does it rather well?

If people really want a friendlier front end to package installation
history, why not add history browsing/querying in the friendlier package
installation tools

David Pashley
Nihil curo de ista tua stulta superstitione.

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