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DKARL's email address has changed - Your email regarding "Re: Mail Authentification" was discarded.

The following e-mail was NOT delivered.

Now that I receive over 1500 SPAMs per week I have been forced to change my 
e-mail address.  My new e-mail address is my first and last name followed 
by @karlnet.com.  If you have any questions please phone 614-822-5275 and 
ask for my new e-mail address.

I am VERY sorry to have to inconvenience you this way, but I am missing 
legitimate e-mail do to sheer volume of the SPAM and my imperfect SPAM filter.

Thanks for your patience,



Please don't send you SPAM to my new e-mail address. My new e-mail address was only 4 days old when I started receiving SPAM again. If you send me SPAM I will be taking the following actions:
1. Unsubscribe immediately.
2. Report you to the postmaster and anti-SPAM department of the computer system and ISP you are using.
3. Send a copy of your SPAM to uce@ftc.gov for further action.

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