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Re: (Re)Build problem with g++ 4.0

* Hendrik Sattler <sattler2000@gmx.de> [050708 02:48]:

Hi Hendrik, all,

thank you for your responses. :-)

> Cited the wrong file for pthread_t definition :-/
> It's
> /usr/include/bits/pthreadtypes.h:typedef unsigned long int pthread_t;


> Still, no casting is needed 

Yes, it's true that no casting is needed here. At least on Linux
where pthread_t is unsigned long int anyway (instead of a struct). 
OTOH, I would have expected, that it should not do any harm to cast 
pthread_t to unsigned long and vice versa in this case (like it
is handled in the upstream sources). Obviously, this doesn't seem 
to be the case any more with gcc 4.0.

> (gcc4 probably wants to tell you that other systems might
> define pthread_t differently).

Yes, maybe. Upstream handles the portability problems with
certain preprocessor directives.

Thanks again for your input, I am going to discuss this issue
with upstream ...

Regards - Juergen

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