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Re: multiarch?

Le Ven 8 Juillet 2005 03:42, Bob Proulx a écrit :
> (I am referring to those evil flash plugins,
> acrobat, etc. in addition to the Quake mentioned by the previous
> poster.  But UT and Starcraft are more my style.)

games and flash are not the only one :

you cited acrobat (that is *really* helpfull sometimes for the 2/3 pdf 
that make xpdf go crazy), there is also skype (and this is a really 
popular app), opera (not for alldays use, but I do some web design, and 
sometimes I have to test if it works with that or that web browser), 
vmare (same as above to test with IE), ...

and there is IMHO some benefit to use qemu (e.g.) in its 32bits version 
when it emulate a 32bits host (maybe I'm wrong, but it sounds sensible)


so since it does not looks like only a gadget, and that IMHO it's even 
often needed ... we should have a solution for this.
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