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Re: Shared library versioning

Alexis Papadopoulos wrote:
> I'm actually making some .deb packages out of a single source archive. 
> One of them should contain a shared library. The upstream author's 
> package's version is 5.13 and the soname of his library has been set to 
> 513. After having contacted him, he told me that was done because 
> apparently each time the new version of the library became uncompatible 
> with the previous ones, the major version should be incremented, 
> something that was disturbing because the library is often subject to 
> modifications leading to incompatibilities.

Is this shared library actually used by other programs?  Or only
within the internal use of this particular project?  If the latter
then I would avoid packaging it as a shared library at all.  If the
shared library is not used by other programs then I would covert the
build to link the project library code as an archive library for
Debian.  That should avoid most of the problems.


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