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Re: [Debian-uk] Sun have (probably) patented apt-get

Moritz Muehlenhoff(jmm@inutil.org)@2005-07-06 12:45:
> > Europe, its time to choose.
> It has chosen a few minutes ago; the commision's directive has been rejected
> by the European parliament. This is not as good as the solution proposed
> in the first reading or the amendments made by Mr. Rocard, but it's still
> pretty much a victory for the Free software world. Let's hope that this
> will lead to the invalidation of the 30,000 software patents already granted
> by the European patent body.

Well done Europe.  This is great news for small business, open source,
and freedom in general.

Now if only the USA would stand up to the bully boys and revoke the
insane software patent laws in America ...


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