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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies

Le lundi 04 juillet 2005 à 11:00 +0200, Goswin von Brederlow a écrit :
> > * librsvg2-2 depends on librsvg2-common because most applications
> > linking to librsvg2 also expect the SVG loader to be available.
> So on all systems both packages will always be installed together. Why
> have two packages at all? I would call this a useless split of
> packages.
> I'm guessing the split is so different librsvg library versions can be
> installed in parallel without the SVG loaders colliding. But doesn't
> that cause problems when the app and loader use different libs?

Indeed, as librsvg doesn't use versioned symbols.

> Also for multiarch support you will need multiple SVG loaders to be
> installable in parallel.

This isn't an issue, as AIUI multiarch brings them in separate toplevel
${libdir} directories.

> fontconfig: Depends: libfontconfig1
> libfontconfig1: no depends
> Add fontconfig to the libfontconfig1.shlibs file.
> After all packages have been rebuild you get what you want.

I hate that solution, as it makes programs depend on a different package
from the library they are actually using.

The /usr/lib/libfontconfig1/fc-cache solution is much cleaner.

> > The libgtk2.0-0/libgtk2.0-bin case is very similar: without running
> > update-gdkpixbuf-loaders, applications using libgtk2.0-0 won't work.
> Same case as the SVG loader. Merge the two.

It would violate a "must" directive in the policy. Please change the
policy first.

> > The gconf package contains a daemon that links to libgconf2-4. However
> > applications linking to libgconf2-4 will require that daemon to be
> > installed. The same holds for libgnomevfs2-common/libgnomevfs2-0.
> Same case as fontconfig, add gconf to the shlibs file.

No. The real solution is a merge of the two packages, but it isn't as
easy as you'd like it to.
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