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Re: configure a program -- debconf abuse?


Joerg Sommer [2005-07-04 13:33 +0000]:
> can I use debconf to ask the admin what should be the default look and
> feel for the editor jed? The developers-reference manual tells us to not
> abuse debconf. Is this an abuse?
> Jed can have the look and feel like emacs or the KDE editor. Can I ask
> the admin, what should be the default?

Hmm, this sounds pretty inadequate for a debconf question, since the
admin should not decide it globally; that rather sounds like an
user-specific configuration. 

Given that emacs-using people much more likely know what they are
doing than people using the standard KDE editor, defaulting to the
latter without bothering the admin seems a good choice IMHO.

Have a nice day,

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