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Adoption: gnomad2 gnusim8085 neutrino robotour swt-motif vbpp vbs

I've recently put a number of my packages up for adoption, mostly
because I no longer use them. They are all in good shape, and haven't
been much trouble. Here's the list:

gnomad2 - Manage a Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox
gnusim8085 - Graphical Intel 8085 simulator
neutrino - GNOME shell for managing your Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox
robotour - control mobile robots in this programmer's game
swt-motif - Standard Widget Toolkit for Motif
vbpp - Verilog preprocessor
vbs - Verilog Behavioral Simulation

Please note that swt-gtk is not up for adoption. I haven't put
swt-pocketpc up for adoption, but if someone is particularly
interested in it, I'd be willing to pass on the torch.

If anyone uses the Pocket PC toolchain (pocketpc-binutils,
pocketpc-cab, pocketpc-gas, pocketpc-gcc, pocketpc-sdk) I'd be
interested in a co-maintainer.


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