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X.Org transition and xlibs-static-* issues

Hi everyone,
   We're in preparation to upload X.Org packages to unstable, and one of
the things which will happen in this transition is a change in the way
xlibs-static-* packages are handled. If your package build-depends on
xlibs-static, you'll have to update your build-depends to deal with the
transition. A list of packages that I am aware of which build-depend on
xlibs-static-* is below, sorted by maintainer. If your package is on this
list, or if I missed you, you may want to check the collection of available
Ubuntu patches for your package[0] to see if your problem has already been

   If your package is not already patched by Ubuntu, then you'll have to
make the transition yourself. A table has been made that maps header files
to new library packages[1], so you need to figure out which headers your
app uses and then add that library to your Build-Depends.

   Another item of note is that Xinerama support can currently be silently
disabled by the build system if Xinerama.h is absent. Please be sure to
pass --enable-xinerama in your builds if you use Xinerama, in order to be
sure that this doesn't happen to you, as it will then fail if Xineram a.h is

   For those of you who want to test your package builds against the new
system, there are packages for x86 built and available, or you can pu ll and
build yourself. The Ubuntu X.Org packages, if you're running them, also
have this change, so you can continue to use them for testing your packages
if you prefer.

 - David Nusinow

[0] http://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/patches/
[1] http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/xlibs-static-dev.txt
[2] Add "deb http://people.debian.org/~dnusinow/xorg ./" to your
    sources.list. The sources are also available in this archive if you
	want to build for a different arch.


Maintainer: Akira TAGOH <tagoh@debian.org>
Package: at-spi
Package: gok

Maintainer: Arnaud Patard <arnaud.patard@rtp-net.org>
Package: control-center

Maintainer: C=E9dric Delfosse <cedric@debian.org>
Package: gl-117
Package: iris

Maintainer: Debian OpenOffice Team <debian-openoffice@lists.debian.org>
Package: openoffice.org

Maintainer: Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org>
Package: arts
Package: kdebase
Package: kdegraphics
Package: kdemultimedia
Package: kdenetwork

Maintainer: Debian Xfce Maintainers <pkg-xfce-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Package: libxfce4mcs
Package: libxfcegui4
Package: xfce-mcs-manager
Package: xfce4-appfinder
Package: xfce4-iconbox
Package: xfce4-utils

Maintainer: Filip Van Raemdonck <mechanix@debian.org>
Package: clanlib
Package: gswitchit
Package: libxklavier

Maintainer: Guenter Geiger (Debian/GNU) <geiger@debian.org>
Package: gem

Maintainer: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
Package: xfstt

Maintainer: Gustavo Noronha Silva <kov@debian.org>
Package: gvidm

Maintainer: Jamie Wilkinson <jaq@debian.org>
Package: freeglut

Maintainer: John Lightsey <john@nixnuts.net>
Package: xmms-jess

Maintainer: Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>
Package: wmcoincoin

Maintainer: Laurence J. Lane <ljlane@debian.org>
Package: enlightenment

Maintainer: Ludovic Brenta <ludovic.brenta@insalien.org>
Package: libadabindx

Maintainer: Marc Dequ=E8nes (Duck) <Duck@DuckCorp.org>
Package: gnome-applets

Maintainer: Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org>
Package: gnopernicus

Maintainer: Martin Albert <ma@debian.org>
Package: libggi

Maintainer: Martin Loschwitz <madkiss@debian.org>
Package: qt-x11-free

Maintainer: Masahito Omote <omote@debian.org>
Package: uim

Maintainer: Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es>
Package: kball
Package: kraptor

Maintainer: Moray Allan <moray@debian.org>
Package: xrestop

Maintainer: Philipp Matthias Hahn <pmhahn@debian.org>
Package: xosd

Maintainer: Randall Donald <rdonald@debian.org>
Package: nvidia-settings

Maintainer: Ross Burton <ross@debian.org>
Package: gossip

Maintainer: Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu>
Package: gtimer

Maintainer: Ryan Murray <rmurray@debian.org>
Package: gdm
Package: gqview

Maintainer: Sam Hocevar (Debian packages) <sam+deb@zoy.org>
Package: allegro4
Package: allegro4.1
Package: kxl
Package: powermanga
Package: vlc

Maintainer: Sebastien Bacher <seb128@debian.org>
Package: gtk+2.0
Package: lock-keys-applet

Maintainer: Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>
Package: xine-lib

Maintainer: Steinar H. Gunderson <sesse@debian.org>
Package: amoeba

Maintainer: Steve McIntyre <93sam@debian.org>
Package: nas

Maintainer: The ROX-in-Debian Project Team <pkg-rox-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Package: rox

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