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cpufrequtils init script in rcS.d

Hello *,

in closing #311604 I'm adding an init script to the package along with
its /etc/default entry to set a default governor on boot.
Anyway while reasoning on the script start order number I realized that
it might be good to have it into rcS.d instead of the default choice.
cpufreq-set only needs sysfs mounted so adding 'start 37 S .' seems
As per policy (even if I already have a pretty clear idea on
what to do) I'm asking here for suggestions or your blessing. :)

The rationale around my choice is that:
- the kernel allows setting a default governor at compile time but that
  might not be what the users want by default (expecially kernel-image*
- the ondemand/conservative governors (the most useful actually) cannot
  be set as defaults in Kconfig as they are known not to work for every
  processor (transition latency issues)
- setting the CPUFreq policy must be done as early as possible in the
  boot process (IMHO)
So the choice of rcS.d seems to be the only good solution.

In the package I have already available here the init script is inactive
by default (I'm considering putting some debconf magic to let the user
choose the governor instead) so this rcS script is very low impact right

Thanks for your time and any suggestion.

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