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Re: Section for a new package

Op do, 30-06-2005 te 20:59 +0200, schreef Lionel Elie Mamane:
> On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 08:16:17PM +0200, Arjan Oosting wrote:
> > I have a package [1] (gh - Generic Haskell [2]) with a GPL licence
> > which builds from generated sources with the tools available in
> > main. The generated sources and the source from which it is
> > generated are in the upstream tarball, but to get the generated
> > sources from the source which is used to develop Generic Haskel you
> > need tools not (yet) available in main.
> The tools are not released at all, or released as free software, but
> not in Debian?
Well one of the tools, uuagc [1], is released as free software (Artistic
License), but the other one, frown, (only needed for one file) is not
released yet. 

> In the current state, definitely not main. But you only have to
> package aforementioned tools to get the package in main, so why not do
> that?
I have already packaged uuagc, but I can not package frown yet, because
it isn't released yet. I have mailed the author of frown and he will
release it but he wants the do some bug fixing first and he is quite
busy. If uuagc is included in main I still need to wait on frown
although it is only needed for one file (which never changes anyway),

Greetings Arjan Oosting

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