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Re: Upload new version of gaim-extendedprefs

Op ma, 27-06-2005 te 10:56 +0100, schreef Neil McGovern:
> Hi there, you appear to be depending on build-essential without using a
> versioned depends.
> In general a package should not depend on build essential packages but
> if it must do so, the depends should have a version string.
Hi Neil,

I'm CC this to debian-devel because I want to know what other people
think about build-depending on build-essential. I hope you don't mind.

I agree it isn't necessary, which is stated in policy section 4.2 but
section 4  and section 7 do not contain any statement saying that every
build dependency on build-essential should be versioned. 

As it is nowhere forbidden in the policy and I use CDBS to generate
debian/control from debian/control.in (not a build-time though) and CDBS
adds the reference to build-essential in the Build-Depends, I am
inclined to leave build-essential in the Build-Depends list. 

If it really should not be done, maybe a check could be added to lintian
and/or linda and CDBS and the policy should be updated.
Also some of the other packages which use CDBS (gnome-panel for
instance) have a unversioned build dependency on build-essential. 

Greetings Arjan Oosting

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