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Re: Bug#315808: ITP: cedar-backup2 -- Secure backup to CD-R and CD-RW media

su, 2005-06-26 kello 12:54 -0500, Ron Johnson kirjoitti:
> <sarcasm>
> Don't forget to tell Rene Engelhard to rename OpenOffice.org2.
> </sarcasm>

Hi, Ron. I once asked you to quote only the parts that are relevant when
you respond to someone. I did it in private since that is usually the
best and most effective first step. I'd now also like to ask you to only
reply when you have something useful or constructive to add. You being a
prick does not improve the state of Debian. I hope to see your cluon
transplant has succeeded by the time I next recycle my plonkdb. Good

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