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Re: Package distribution, a concept for a modern package distribution

On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 09:16:42AM +0200, Otto Wyss wrote:
> I've seen some messages about an LDAP implementation around last october
> but I couldn't find them. I'm quite sure an LDAP solution is much better
> than the current solution. But before implementing it, it has to be
> evaluated against other way so it's truely the best.

i don't believe there is a "best" way, actually.  in many circumstances,
one alternative is better than another, but in others vice versa.

> I wouldn't base any work on apt but start a complete new way of package
> distribution. The advantage is the stabe apt will keep on working while
> the new solution won't be hampered by any current limitation. IMO a P2P
> network would be a much better solution but yet again it has to be
> checked if it this is really true or if there are better alternatives.

i don't see why we'd have to reinvent the wheel, and wouldn't be
interested in doing so, frankly.  apt provides a fairly easy way to
extend itself to use new protocols (ldap, bt, whatever).  the
distributing/fetching of packages and package info is only one
small aspect of package management, and i'd to keep it that way
and let apt/aptitude/whatever handle all the really hard stuff.



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