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Re: Re: Bug#304220: ITP: libqt4lab -- Qt4Lab plugin library

>On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 09:05:56PM +0200, Fathi BOUDRA wrote:
>> I'm looking for a sponsor for my qt4lab package.
>> The project seems already promising, and there's a collaboration
>> with qwt project.
>> You can find my package here :
>> http://fboudra.free.fr/debian/
>> best regards,
>> Fathi
>> * Package name    : libqt4lab
>>   Version         : 0.1.1
>>   Upstream Author : Paolo Sereno <paolo@sereno-online.com>
>> * URL             : http://www.qt4lab.org
>> * License         : LGPL
>>   Description     : Qt4Lab plugin library
>The name kinda sucks since it'll be easily confused with the upcoming
>Qt4 libraries, though these use Qt3 (for now).  Any chance of convincing
>upstream to use a less confusing name?

i have sen a mail to the upstream author, and paolo answered  :
Talking about qt4lab and the package name
Yes, I understand the issue. I have to say I have no problem changing
the library name. What I would like to do is to continue using the
website domain name www.qt4ab.org (is costs to me and I would like to
keep this name)
If you have some other library name in mind, please tell us, we could
find an agreement among all the people at qt4lab. I'll send a "group
email" to all people at qt4lab for asking opinion (not every people on
qt4lab is using the mailing list for the moment, so I have to write

so we're looking for a new name ;)

any idea ?

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