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Re: Question about replacing obsolete packages.

#include <hallo.h>
* Brian M. Carlson [Wed, Jun 22 2005, 10:01:49PM]:

> > iceme or icepref installed should see a new version, which brings in
> > icewmcp.  What is the best way in which to accomplish this?
> Make iceme and icepref dummy packages that just depend on icewmcp.

And please make symlinks (or whatever) to the icewmcp executable so the
users still get the program when they run iceme/icepref.


So, your "solution" is to ask "Should I break your system now or after
the next reboot?". Debconf is not an alternative to fixing the
problem. Such questions are still unacceptable bugs.
              -- asuffield in debian-devel about crazy linux-2.4 repackaging

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