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resolution of licensing with httperf

I have been corresponding with the developer and maintainer of httperf
[0], which I intend to adopt.  The issue was that a libssl linking
exception was needed for the package.  They are currently making
inquiries at HP as to how exaclty go about this from their end, but the
deevloper and the maintainer both seem quite helpful and want to work
this out as quickly as possible.  It looks like they will come through
as soon as they get approval.

My question is this:  since the package currently exists in
oldstable/non-US, would it be possible to have the updated package
(including OpenSSL linking exception and a recompile to link against
libssl0.9.7) to make it into the next stable update?

I think that since there is the potential for previous Woody users to
have had the package installed and then still have it present after an
upgrade to Sarge.  In the (unlikely event) that security updates become
necessary to httperf, the Sarge users won't get them.

Does this situation need to be dealt with?  Is this the correct way of
going about it?


[0] http://packages.debian.org/httperf

Roberto C. Sanchez

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