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Re: Question regarding "offensive" material

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>:

> The idea of being "sexually offended" by a particular configuration of
> simple geometric shapes seems rather bizarre.

Indeed. It's the naming, though!

> Nevertheless, I don't see any reason for the genitalia references here,
> so -- why *not* call the first of these models "wizard's staff with a
> knob on the end"?

I love that (for obvious reasons).

> GLSnake also seems to make singularly curious use of the word
> "flaccid"; and none of these models seem to correlate very well with
> the many penises and vaginas that WebCollage has been showing me;

Tits galore, I say!

> so I think it would be best if this package were updated to either
> disable these models by default, or to include better names for them.

I favour the latter idea. jwz will flame me for that.

> Or split the screensaver into GLSnake and (disabled) GLTrouserSnake
> components, I guess...


> Is it a bug?  Well, the package does not perform in a way that matches the
> expectations of a large number of users.

Wait! Nobody ever complained, except for that guy. So I guess it must
perform in a way that matches the expectations of a large number of

> Unless you believe it's somehow a *feature* that the GLSnake
> screensaver is unsuitable for these users (while giving no overt
> indication that this is the case), then the other explanation is that
> it's a bug.
> > 2) Which "Severity" is fitting (if it is considered a bug)
> Does the severity matter?  It should be trivial to fix, should it not?


> I would personally be inclined to treat this as severity: important,
> were it my package; but changing severities is less important than
> fixing bugs.

I have a penis, I'm not offended by it. Neither should you. Anyway,
perhaps it's renaming time.

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