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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

Cesar Martinez Izquierdo <dispiste@gmail.com> wrote:

>> So, in this paragraph you are basically stating that we *should*
>> rename firefox to save them from such burden.
> No, I think we should NOT rename Firefox to save our *direct* users from such 
> burden. A lot of people would get greatly confused with a different name for 
> Firefox, even if you don't think so.
> *Indirect* users such as derived distributions should check the licenses and 
> other trademark or patent issues before start distributing anything. It's 
> their task to check it. We can help them if we create Debian packages which 
> are easy to rename, but we shouldn't confuse the rest of the users just to 
> make this task easier to derived distributions.

With this reasoning, firefox must go to non-free -- because everything
in main is guaranteed to be freely distributable by anyone, anywhere.


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