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RE: And now for something completely different... etch!

** Manoj Srivastava ::

> > (4) It *does* generate an unnecessary difference between Debian and
> > *all* *other* distros, with no reasonable motive at all.
>         We differ on what we considered reasonable.

But not *one* reasonable motive for differing was cited in this whole thread. So, right, we differ on what we consider reasonable, but why is differing in this point considered reasonable?
> > IE, IMHO, Debian should adopt the 6-runlevel scheme dictated by the
> > LSB (0=off, 1=single, 2=multi,no-net, 3=multi, 4=5=multi+DM,
> > 6=reboot) because (1) it's praxis to the other distros, (2) it's in
> > the LSB and (3) there is no good reason not to.
> 	Shrug. Talk to the people whoi do the work, then, or those
>  responsible for these packages.

I assumed they would be on-list...


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