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Re: Bug#313569: ITP: LinuxTaRT -- "The Automatic Random Tagline", a versatile, fast and feature-rich email signature generator

On Tuesday 14 June 2005 14.24, Colin Tuckley wrote:
> TaRT features include random
> taglines, optional daemon functionality, display of current date, custom
> layout of signature, and "special date" tagline text. The command line
> syntax is simple and well explained. LinuxTaRT is designed to be run as
> a stand-alone daemon, from crontab, or in your login script.

Could you please elaborate how this is different from signify? (And I guess 
there are still other things to produce taglines.) (Not that I want to 
prevent you from packaging this - but after the 50th window maker and the 
30th wiki, we now start to collect random funny text generation programs, 

And please clarify: is it a daemon or should it be run from cron?  "Daemon 
to be run from cron" doesn't make sense to me.

-- vbi


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