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Re: splitting package on arch-dependant and arch-independant part s

Sergey Fedoseev <sirsigurd@gmail.com>

> > > no architecture dependent data in it (or such data is very
> > > small).
> > > 
> > > Maybe you should tell us what program are you going to
> > > package.
> > 
> > That would be a good idea.
> I'm not going to package program...yet.  There are many packages
> already splitted. And I believe binary part of most of them can be
> reduced (and it can be reduced not only by moving manpages). And
> to not file a bug to every package I want this to be discussed
> there.
> > For example ones move manpage to binary package and others move
> > it to data package. Who is right?
> So who is right?

The praxis is, IIRC, only separate -bin and -data if there is a good
reason. For instance, if -data is *very* big AND is a good portion
of the original package AND is arch-indep, then you have good reason
to split the package. I think the policy does NOT allow for the
manpages to go in a separate package from the binary, because the
general rule is that if you can execute something, you can access
the manpage.


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