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Re: links to logs in /etc? (/etc/postgresql/7.4/main/log)

On Sun, 2005-06-12 at 16:25 -0700, Erik Steffl wrote:
>    why is there a link to logs in /etc?
>    /etc/postgresql/7.4/main/log is a link to 
> /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-7.4-main.log
>    /etc is supposed to be for configuration files that are static, the 
> link to log violates both (yes, it's only a link so it doesn't change 
> but points to a file that changes and is definetely not a configuration 
> file).
>    is this a bug? Or is this somehow valid?

Policy says that conffiles should be in /etc, or, if that is not
feasible, that there should be a link to /etc.  (Policy 10.7.2)

Policy also states that packages must conform to the FHS.  The FHS
states that site-specific configuration files should be in /etc and that
binaries should not be.  It also says that log files should usually be
under /var/log.

It is not stated that other types of file must not be put in /etc, still
less that there should be no links to such files.  By analogy with
10.7.2, it seems reasonable to allow a link if it is not feasible to do
without it.  

>    btw I am not sure which package is this part of, can't find it using 
> dpkg -S, not even when I dpkg -L all postgresql packages I have 
> installed (I guess it was created by postinst sript or something like that).

The name indicates that it is created by postgresql-common
(/usr/bin/pg_createcluster) in relation to a database whose server is

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