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wiki.debian.net brokenness?


I've discovered that I can no longer log into wiki.debian.net.  When
visiting pages, it informs me that I'm AnonymousUser; when I try to edit a
page, it tells me that the web page doesn't not allow anonymous editing. 
However, it doesn't provide a link to log in (or maybe I'm just missing
the link?).  This makes it rather difficult to actually update wikis.

While on the topic, the wiki's revision comparison behavior is rather
suboptimal; I can't arbitrarily diff between edits/commits (which means
when people can do several large edits, it's hard to tell if information
might've gotten lost).  Had I know about this earlier, I wouldn't have
used the debian.net wiki for KernelFirmwareLicensing.  I emailed
ivey@debian.org a few weeks ago about helping w/ the wiki, and possibly
upgrading to one that supports such functionalty, but I have not yet
received a response.

So is it time for me to just move the page to a wiki that I host, and tell
people to use that, or are the wiki.debian.net folks awake?

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