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Re: Bug#312897: ITP: texlive -- The TeXlive system packaged for debian

On Monday 13 June 2005 09.41, frank wrote:
[texlive vs. teTeX]
> Let me add some comments from my point of view (Debian teTeX
> maintainer).

Sounds like packaging texlive and trying to get it really stable would be 
the thing to do, with the goal of phasing out teTeX for etch+1

Not becuase I don't value your work, Frank, but from what you said it sounds 
like texlive is a better maintained superset of teTeX - or are there 
reasons why somebody specifically would want to stick to teTeX (assuming a 
transition plan etc. etc. to solve "all" Debian/packaging specific issues.)

-- vbi

[pity you couldn't make it on Saturday.]

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