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Re: And now for something completely different... etch!


On Tuesday, 07 Jun 2005, you wrote:
> Feel free to add some new items or add (hopefully new) information to the 
> ones I list below:

- A lot of programms use tcpwrapper which I appreciate a lot. However,
  it is quite often not too easy to find out what to write in
  hosts.allow to allow access to exactly that program. Frankly speaking,
  having that information always in the manpage seems a good idea to me.
  (i would like to see that as recommondation for packages in etch)

- IPv6 Readyness
  packages in etch should be able to handle IPv6.
  There are still a bunch of packages which are not able to handle IPv6.

- packages in base or packages up to priority standard must not use savelog.
  There is at least one package in base i know off which uses savelog to
  rotate logfiles. Using logrotate is a more save way, as it gives the
  user the possibility to configure more easyly when logfiles are
  rotated. I would like to see 5(j) of etch release-policy adjusted or
  best, to say, all packages must use logrotate.


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