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Re: TODO for etch ?

On Friday 10 June 2005 21.39, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> Hello.
> Is the TODO list for etch available anywhere?

It is now.


Please help updating it.  Because I really mean it, I repeat here the 
guidelines that I feel can keep this list useful instead of providing a 
battleground for edit-wars...

 - Don't list issues with single packages here - we have the bug tracking 
system for this! http://bugs.debian.org
 - Don't list proposals here on how the Etch release should be managed. 
There is ReleaseProposals for this.
 - For all issues, please try to provide links to mailing list discussions 
etc. - while the Wiki is good for keeping track of issues up to some point, 
it is not a good discussion medium imho. So, if you list controversial 
issues here, DON'T discuss these things here and don't just remove them - 
add links to relevant parts of the mailing list archives.

(obviously, this is not a 'etch won't be released until this list is empty' 
kind of thing, but rather a 'things that could be done better in etch' 

-- vbi

Try not.
Or do not.
There is no try.

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