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Re: Debian Sarge

"Eddy Veenstra" <eddy.veenstra@home.nl> writes:

>   Dear Debian team,
> The installation asked for my video-card (Nvidia GeForce 5700LE)and
> my monitor ( CTX S962 19'' LCD ). I selected the correct driver (NV)
> and gave the horizontal and vertical frequencies ( 30-80 hor, 59-75
> vert ) for my monitor. When the installation was finished, X was
> started in 800x600 mode. No higher resolutions were possible. In the
> GNome environment I couldn't find a way to tell the system about my
> graphics card, my monitor, or the resolutions I prefer.
> So I ran xf86config to solve the problem. No success. Apparently
> GNome doesn't react to the changes I made with xf86config. But how
> can I tell GNome what card and monitor I have? I've tried all the
> items in the menu to find a way, but I had no success. I've done six
> installations now, and every time the same problems occur. The
> problems on all occasion are listed below.

Gnome and Kde both have nothing to say about the resolution, that is
all xfree86s doing. You can run "X" on the console to get a bare X
display and you will see the stipple pattern in 800x600 there too.

The problem must be in your XF86config and most likely your
horizontal/vertical limits are such that only the 800x600 mode remains
valid (or no mode in which case X choose one itself).

Or you only selected 800x600 as resolution in the config. :)

Anyways, read the xfree86 log carefully.


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