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heeeeeaaaave! debian releases: the solution to windows viruses!

uhhn... is it just me, or has the world's internet traffic just taken
a major performance degradation over the past few days?

roll up roll up, get yorr anti-virus sofwarz here - right from a debian
mirror.  all you have to do is get the debian developers to do _another_
major release.  noo more problems with in'ur'ne' traffic, cos there
won't be any _left_ for viruses.

... but seriously: if anyone knows mr bram cohen personally,
or if there's anyone willing to be a victim, could someone
_please_ write a bittorrent server (and associated client
including a filesystem driver) and install it on the debian
mirrors so that the entire debian file/directory structure
can be shared/downloaded just like they can with rsync?



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